Sectoral Solutions

E-commerce Delivery

With our technological infrastructure compatible with e-commerce websites, we create solutions based on your demands and needs in the most professional way.
Flower Delivery

We are the first shipping company delivering your flowers with love and delicacy without harming a single leaf. We convey your brand's values with our gentle and professional communication at the delivery.
Fresh Food Delivery

We deliver all foods that need to remain fresh with our special transport operations and 99.9% on-time delivery performance.
Gift and Event Equipment Delivery

We combine our delicate shipping service with our strategy, determined based on the volume and category of gifts and event equipment and delivery demands.

New Generation Shipping
With Numbers.

99.9 %

on-time delivery

1 in 10.000

company-related loss, damage or return.

1 in 10.000

delayed delivery


a shipping brand delivering fresh food, glass and flowers in Turkey.

Tailored Projects

Tell us the service you need, let us design an exclusive operation model.