Why Us?

We never impose our own standards, we listen to you.

We never limit ourselves with our existing service standards. We introduce projects and flexible operations for unique service demands of our customers using our experience and creativity.

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Customer Satisfaction

We fulfill different transport needs
as the only supplier.

As the only supplier, we incorporate all the service diversity of the sector into our structure through genuine agreements, organize and offer them to our customers with optimal cost options.

Technological infrastructure and integration conveniences.

You can track every step of your delivery process 24/7 over Postrans Corporate Shipment Tracking and Admin Panel by entering your user name and password.

Using Posservice, you can enter your shipments manually or using API integration codes, print barcodes to the automatic system and get reports.


Using the GPS technology, our delivery expert takes a photo of the destination to document his/her presence at the delivery point and save it with the coordinates to your shipment tracking window.


We are easy to access and in contact with our customers.

Our customers can directly reach our all staff without encountering bureaucratic obstacles and resorting to call center procedures.
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Delicate Transport
Safe Transport
On-time Delivery